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Transparency International Kyrgyzstan launches Anti-Corruption Journal.


The team of Transparency International Kyrgyzstan launches an “Anti-corruption Journal” to inform the population on provision of public services, overcoming administrative shortcomings and anti-corruption efforts. The aim of a Journal is not only to provide explanations of laws for population and to assist them in dealing with State structures, but also legal education of citizens and the development of their anti-corruption skills.

In order for ordinary citizens to be able to access public services quickly and qualitatively before State authority, the Journal contains the Instruction section with scores of instructions covering different areas and the sequence of actions. Our instructions can make citizens aware of their rights and the duties of employees of State bodies, the forms and document models, as well as to know work schedules, addresses and telephone numbers of the required public organizations. The portal has such sections as Material, Power, Tools, Analytics and Success section, where everyone can find many interesting and useful information. In addition, it is possible to ask questions, exchange views and provide feedback on activities of the public authorities and the quality of public service provisioning.

More information about the work of the “Anti-corruption Journal’ can be found in the booklet designed to announce the website that contains information for users: Where to go? (askjournal.kg). What questions can I get answers to? Also a detailed description of the algorithm of actions, how to use the instructions for obtaining the required public service.

Booklet about the anti-corruption journal

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