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Mission, goal, priorities

About Us

Transparency International-Kyrgyzstan - is a branch of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Transparency International in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Mission Statement TI-Kyrgyzstan

Our mission is the promotion of effective public policy and good governance in order to reduce corruption and strengthen democracy in the country.


Objectives and priorities of the TI-Kyrgyzstan

Our objectives are to increase anti-corruption education for the general population, to heighten public awareness of the significance and importance of the fight against corruption in Kyrgyzstan. This is done in many ways including:

Organizing training sessions on the theory and practice on how to combat corruption and encouraging participation of civil society in Kyrgyzstan and other countries;

Assist individuals and organizations in the implementation of their constitutional rights and freedoms, with particular regard to using international experience to reduce corruption, develop technology and resources to aid with this, and increase civil society's participation in combating corruption both nationally and internationally.


How we do this

There are a range of ways that TI-Kyrgyzstan is involved in reducing corruption and ensuring the protection of rights, including:

* expert analysis of the laws and regulations, as well as analysis of various projects at the request of interested organizations;

* encouraging the development of certain draft laws as advised by independent experts, scientists, researchers, politicians, public figures;

* monitoring the formation and development of the political process, various public policy organizations and movements, political structures and public authorities;

* collecting, processing and disseminating political and legal information with regards to corruption, and publishing these findings in periodical newsletters and in various media outlets;

* through the development of working relationships between government agencies and NGOs through joint actions and common approaches to combat corruption;

* undertaking and analysing various studies with reference to the political, economic, legal and social spheres;

* combating corruption by providing training to participants through conferences, seminars and round table discussions.

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