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Kyrgyzstan adopted a Law on Conflict of Interest for the first time


At the end of 2017, the President of the Kyrgyz Republic signed the Law on Conflict of Interest. The law was passed by the Zhogorku Kenesh on 7 December 2017. The Law on Conflict of Interest will enter into force on June 2018.

The purpose of the Law is the unification and improvement of the legislation on conflict of interests, the introduction of mechanisms for the timely identification, prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest, as well as providing practical assistance to public authorities and their employees in upholding integrity of official political and administrative decisions in a public administration system as a whole.

The law should be aimed at improving the resolution institution of conflict of interests, reducing the number of situations in which officials find themselves in a situation that leads to corruption.

The law should define the institutional and legal framework for managing conflicts of interest in the activities of state and municipal civil servants and the heads of institutions, organizations and enterprises, whose activities are financed from the state or local budgets, or whose authorized capital includes government share.

Source: http://knews.kg/2017/12/prezident-kyrgyzstana-podpisal-soglasovannyj-variant-zakona-o-konflikte-interesov/

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