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Global Corruption Barometer 2016


Transparency International presents the results of a global survey “Global Corruption Barometer” (GCB). The survey is conducted for the ninth time; the last time GCB was published in 2013. In contrast to the studies of previous years, this year GCB covers 42 countries in Europe and Central Asia, including EU countries, EU candidate countries and CIS countries. The data in this survey cannot be compared with GCB data for earlier years.


The most serious problems are faced by residents of Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. The respondents answered questions about the most serious problems that face their countries, how they assess the corruption of governing institutions and elites, as well as how they assess the anti-corruption efforts made by the authority and the influence of wealthy private individuals on the power decision-making.


The survey shows that corruption is perceived by the population of Kyrgyzstan as the third most important problem in the country after the health and economic situations. Corruption is an important topic of the respondents more than education, unemployment and crime.


Assessing the reasons why people do not report corruption, 14 percent of respondents do not believe in the ability to prove anything, 12 percent - that officials to whom they will report, as corrupt, 12 percent - are afraid to admit their involvement in corrupt practices, 10 percent - are afraid of the consequences, 8 percent believe that corruption is the normal process, as well as 7 percent - do not know where to report it.


There were 1500 face-to-face interviews conducted in total. Among the respondents, 49 percent of men and 51 percent of women. The sample is representative of age, education, marital status and type of settlements in which the interviewees live.

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