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Development Pact - взаимовыгодное сотрудничество органов МСУ и населения

TI - Kyrgyzstan, supported by UNDEF (United Nations Democracy Fund) launched a project aimed at the integrated development of rural areas, and in particular, the development of rural society and engineering infrastructure, improving living conditions in rural areas, heightening the professional standards of municipal employees and mobilising civil society to address issues of local importance. This project involved the signing of the ‘Development Pact' between civil society, local authorities, local political leaders and TI-Kyrgyzstan. Based on principles of mutually beneficial cooperation, partnership and trust, the Development Pact is designed to meet the needs of the local population and strengthen the position of local authorities following a pattern of decentralization.

The project had been designed so that at commencement ​​50 Development Pacts in four main areas of Kyrgyzstan - Issyk-Kul, Osh, Jalal-Abad, and Naryn could be established.

25 Development Pacts were signed at the initial stage of the project, while the rest are currently under review with the aim of establishing these in the near future. Once they had been successfully implemented, the Development Pact became a significant impetus for the subsequent development work. Many people had seen the effectiveness these Development Pacts had and this prompted them to try to tackle other issues they had identified in the village. If earlier these problems were seen as overwhelming, many now understand that, through cooperation and local advocacy, they care able to solve increasingly complex issues. 

All those active in civil society realised the importance of the Development Pacts, which aimed at improving the local economic and social spheres. Issues addressed included:

  • access to information,

such as ensuring transparency and accountability of local government (with the establishment of information stands; the provision of equipment for the implementation of information activities)

  • addressing various issues of local infrastructure including:

carrying out electricity works; improving the water supply system; the construction of new schools and kindergartens; repair of bridges; building fences around various state-owned institutions, fencing-off erosion-prone areas of the mountainous surface; building a veterinary center and stocking it with equipment and technology; the establishment of local wood sawmills, opening a dairy and baking plant; construction of a mini football field and the creation of a committee on the prevention of domestic violence.

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