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Second day of meetings of the Supervisory Board held on March 18 2014

The second day of the meeting of the Supervisory Board was held March 18, 2014. The board addressed the remaining project proposals that the Council did not have time to consider at an earlier meeting on March 12. However, there was some frustration on the part of Transparency International, as some members of the Supervisory Board banned representatives from TIK from attending the meeting. The justification given also seemed irrational, with the Board claiming that due to the fact TIK was present at the previous meeting, there was no reason for them to be at the current meeting as it ‘will be similar to the previous proceedings, and if there is anything new, you do not need to know this'. Thus, access to information for citizens, which is in theory guaranteed by Kyrgyz law - "On access to information held by public bodies and local authorities" - is lacking in practice. The work of the Development Fund, and decisions made by the Supervisory Board in particular, should be transparent and verifiable as the public is entitled to know how decisions on the spending of money are made. Without this transparency, it does not make sense to talk about the effectiveness of the Issy-Kul Development Fund.

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